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May 25, 2009


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Oh yeah, echy's here. And yet not. Because he's just bored outta his mind.

But lo and behold, I check my amazing plethora of messages to find one in particular that intrigues me.

I'm now being watched by the creepiest individual I've had the displeasure of knowing.

That's right, Kuki. I can see what you're up to. You creepy little loser.

No seriously. He jacks people's drawings and then makes them pregnant. In MSPaint. So not only is it just weird (especially if they're of ten-year-olds!) but plain sloppy. I mean, sure, some people can make a masterpiece in Paint, but... these... are not anywhere near.

How do I know the boy? Oh, just an awesome thing called Bulbapedia. Now, I've seen a lot of crazed users on it, but this kid takes the fucking CAKE. Jesus, he was always editing, constantly changing things even for the sake of changing them. He got into so many edit wars with others we decided to ban him and the other user for a week, just to get our point across that that shit wouldn't be tolerated.

So a day later, a sockpuppet shows up claiming to be the other user we banned. I checkuser to make sure before blocking, and see, oh look. It's Kuki. Planning for a nonstop editing spree if Jmath's out of the way, I see? Uh huh. So block again for another week. Now here, I harbored no ill will toward him, and was really sorry to do that, but rules are rules. So he comes and EMAILS ME annoying me to unblock him "PLZ" and he'll never do it again. I say sure, I'll think about shortening it, and would decide the following Monday, thinking to myself, "if he drops it and doesn't email me then to 'remind me', I'll do it". Lo and behold, what happens? He emails me. I ignore that shit and proceed to let him have the full force of blockage. Yaaaay.

So later that month his mom, yeah that's right, his mom, sends around emails to every one of Bulbapedia's administrators, begging to have him blocked because he's "addicted" to it, stealing his dad's stuff to get online JUST TO EDIT, being violent with his mom, all this fun shit. We initially say "yeah, sure, let's do it." and block him until January, but then we rescind it because we decide that his mom should do her job as a parent and not let him cow her into letting him edit.

So then apparently he has a huge beef with Maverick Nate for some reason, I'm guessing because he was the first to block him. So he sends around an email claiming that Nate said he would "block him until January 30 2023". Seeing this as lulzy, I decided to help Nate to prank everyone by doing just that, then yelling at him and leaving Kuki blocked just to laugh at him, since by then I'd had enough of his crap.

But it was ultimately a backfire. Oh well. Eventually, Archaic blocked him for the impersonation bit when it was completely certain that Nate didn't send the email. Sure I doubted him at first, very slightly, but hey, internets. Can't trust everyone, lest BP becomes... Wikipedia 2. Ew. So Kuki kissed up to Evan for weeks and weeks and weeks and eventually got him to grant immunity. Three strikes policy. Yahoo.

But Kuki then proved he couldn't even WAIT FOR HIS BAN TO BE UP TO BE A MORON AGAIN.

He tried to frame Sketch on the forums for "curruptin" because Kuki was claiming that what he had decided was thus going to happen, was quoted several times, and then goes back and edits the post, claiming to never have said so. Uh huh, sure. So he gets unblocked (due to technicalities of not being able to block a blocked user that have since been fixed with MediaWiki) and then reblocked, and in the minute he's unblocked he just HAS to edit his userpage to update his age because it's his birthday. Honestly. So there he gets another week.

And then he comes back and is... peaceful for a day. BUT it's not gonna last and a week later he's blocked for good because of being a complete moron as usual.

Yet he still checks the recent changes. Every day. It's so bad we had to block it in his CSS to make him leave. And he STILL won't leave so he SOCKPUPPETS to argue with the users and the same bullshit as before. Ugh. Glad we got those out before the damn reverse proxy issue came up or we'd NEVER get rid of that fucker.

Oh well. At least he's outta my hair for good. Likely on AIM express so we can't troll him in chats because his mom banned him from the computer. So he just goes to the library and works on MSPaint to ruin everyone's shit. Maybe here on dA he'll find actual friends. Fellow morons who don't get that the world doesn't revolve around them.

I just hope he one day makes enough drama to end up on Encyclopedia Dramatica. That would be hilaaaaaaaarious since he's such a damn lolcow. Likely they'd uncover some pretty awesome fucking shit on the level of Chris-chan, too. Ah, I look forward to the day...

Oh, by the way, Kuki. You can see this and whine to your mom's e-lawyer friends all you wanna. You're never getting unblocked from Bulbapedia. No matter who you ask. No matter if you plot to make Missingno. Master admin to get your way or not. I don't care. Word from the bosses above even me is that if you are unblocked by ANYONE, not only will you be reblocked, but the user who did the unblocking will be thoroughly destroyed as well.

So enjoy your life here on dA, bud! And don't even think that spyed will be as easy to become buddy-buddy with after you get blocked from here again as we are at Bulbagarden.

Love always, to everyone,
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kepingindarurat Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2010
You have more info on the drama about this guy? get into this thread [link] because we are currently discussing about him.

Thank you

P.S. And, tell the guys on the thread - 'Action Bastard' sent you. okay the
TimeTravelingEchidna Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2010
FacePalmVeteran Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2010
He IS on Da. No page, YET, but he's definably a lulzy subject.
The fact he can't get a job even though he's '19' to get what he needs is sad. Drawing over bases to make everything pregnant is eve sadder. His inability to draw hair PARTIALLY accurate is the icing, then he comes here and baaws and argues with people and claims this is all fake when you have evidence and he has nothing but his word.
I feel bad for people who make bases. They put in the effort to make them and people like ArtRookie, definably a suitable name, vomit their fantasies on them.
If I could, I'd fave this journal.
TimeTravelingEchidna Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2010
Ancient journal is ancient. I don't even think he bothers with Bulbagarden anymore... don't care much to check.
FacePalmVeteran Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2010
I know. I checked the date. But since I post, obviously I don't care.

I would hope he finally got the hint..
TimeTravelingEchidna Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2010
Well, I haven't seen him... haven't gotten any emails...

...though I do wonder what'd happen if we unblocked him.
OmfgaShineko Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2010  Student Digital Artist
All hell would break lose.

I've been following this guy since Febuary/March. I actually found him through several groups.

In every group he's in, he submits anything he edited to them, causing unneeded submissions.

But when I tried adding him to my group, as a test, he said it would create unwanted deviations in his watch. So bascially, it's okay to dump his art in groups, but heaven forbide he see's deviations he doesn't want to see.

(You probably saw that on the forums though.)
CharlieGrant Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
Oh Kuki...You severely failing little boy...
More and more.

Wonder how soon he brings up the "wrongful termination" suit again.
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